A Brief Stop at Dongguan Furniture Fair

As our trip around Asia was almost at an end, before adjourning our journey in Guangzhou’s CIFF we made a quick stop in Dongguan where the 40th International Famous Furniture Fair (simply known as 3F) is held. You can easily see all the booths in just one day, the organizing committee introduced a 30,000 sqm exhibition hall dedicated to exporters while enlarging the exhibition space for the rosewood furniture exhibition to 65,000 m2, representing the two highlights of the event.

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The Famous Furniture Fair is noted for its customized service, which has successfully retained the loyalty of many long-time exhibitors. The fair keeps up with the current trends of the industry and strives to facilitate communication between furniture manufacturers, while at the same time encourages new cooperation in the areas of design, technology, materials, and artistry, and thus helps promote the development of the industry in general.

Just like in the previous fairs in Dongguan, most suppliers are looking for mainland customers, therefore most exhibitors don’t know English, be sure to bring along someone that is able to communicate with the locals if you plan on visiting this fair! Also, they will expect you to have Wechat installed on your phone for exchanging contacts, many of them will not have business cards.

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This year, we saw less classic European style suppliers and much more traditional rosewood Chinese furniture, some of whom combine Chinese style with modern design creating something more unique for the new generation in China, although it’s not something we haven’t seen before, we wrote a blog about this last year.

We saw some companies that are developing threshold technology that create 360-degree images of products that can be added in a virtual room, with just a VR headset you can take a virtual tour around an apartment decorated with the products you’ve selected. We saw many booths presenting this technology, this should give the visitors an idea of where the online B2C furniture industry is heading in China. Two of these companies are Jiaeda and LongsJ.

Among the hundreds of suppliers, we would like to shine a big and bright spotlight on Gain Living, a brand that brought a whole new vibe to the fair. The designer and founder behind this brand is from Korea, Kim Ray. Nature is a prominent theme in his design, which includes the below-featured furniture in bent walnut skillfully paired with webs of fabric. Kim Ray, who suggests objects consisting of line and surface as the new concept for furniture. Starting as a prismatic diagram that is then modified into elegant curves, Kim Ray’s series recalls a dynamic yet gentle image of a landscape. He attempts to embody emotional function that exudes calm and serene qualities in furniture, utilizing geometric elements to simply distort structure or arrive at new form and function.

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