Is Chinese Furniture Market a Boom or a Bust? Shanghai Design Week

News and Updates on Design Week at Shanghai.

China, the powerhouse of all products in the world. With its growing economy and a strong will of entrepreneurship, countless new brands are being created every year, not so long ago the ones that are able to stand the test of time have their eyes gazing towards the West to grow their business, now even the successful manufacturers are looking at their own market for opportunities.

Shanghai in the summer

There’s an interesting phenomenon happening in the Chinese furniture industry, the manufacturers that were once producing for foreign companies (usually characterized by Modern, Scandinavian, or rustic Design) are also starting to create  furniture for the Chinese market, it’s fascinating because they’re not only introducing new production techniques and design to local markets but some are even able to incorporate the Western and Chinese designs in one, giving light to a new style that represents Modern China.

Nevertheless, the big players and influencers of the furniture industry still reside in Europe and the United States, many products sold by huge European and American retailers that we’re all so familiar with (i.e. as Ikea, Made, Pottery Barn, Ashley, Sam’s Club.. etc.) have their origin in the Middle Kingdom: China. Therefore, sourcing in the Middle Kingdom is almost certainly your best bet in finding the right furniture.

Every year, several furniture fairs are held in the big cities of Coastal China, exhibiting all sorts of furniture design… from the dreaded and overused “Da Vinci” style furniture so loved by the locals to the super modern designs that you’ll not find anywhere else, it’s a jungle out there but we’re here to guide you through it!

In the month of September, we visited quite a few fairs: CIFF (Chinese International Furniture), Furniture China, and Maison Shanghai.

CIFF is held twice a year, if Chinese fairs can be seen as jungles then CIFF is the Jungle of West Africa, home of Tarzan. You can quite literally find anything here.

Dezoo in CIFF Shanghai for furniture and home decor | Dezoo Blog

Through the endless maze of booths, you’ll find all sorts of furniture, in particular, we’ve noticed an amazing outdoor manufacturer with a fresh and colorfully new design called Dolce Vita, who also has a strong knowledge of design and material.

CIFF features the theme of “Better Life, Better Work”. Using the entire space of National Exhibition & Convention Centre in Hongqiao Shanghai, the show covers a staggering 400,000 sqm. The exhibition exhibits a wide variety of upstream and downstream products which covers sectors including home furniture, home decor, home textile, outdoor furniture, office furniture, commercial furniture, hotel furniture, furniture machinery and even raw materials!

On our second day, we visited the Furniture China Fair. Although smaller than CIFF, covering an area of 300,000 sqm, it took us one and a half day to visit. The fair is held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, here is where you can find interesting International Brand, Contemporary Furniture, Upholstery Furniture, European Classical Furniture, Chinese Classical Furniture, Mattress, Table & Chair, Outdoor Furniture, Children’s Furniture, and Office Furniture. You name it!

Last but not least, there is our all-time favorite Maison Shanghai, the Amazon Jungle. We see so much unexplored beauty during our visit, read all about it on our other article to see the amazing images taken at the fair. It covers a space of 700,000 sqm, making it the largest furniture fair. ‘Maison Shanghai’ themed on lifestyle was successfully held for the first time last year, the hosts have designed more creative details for the event, including inspirational lifestyle scenes, unique exhibitions, exquisitely-selected furniture and utensils, and the presence of both established and emerging designers who will voice their attitudes towards the world.

So to answer the question from the title, I’d definitely say a boom! We’re connecting interesting suppliers with global retailers every week, there seems to be an endless source of suppliers in Asia and you can contact them anytime you want once you’ve registered on our platform.

Dezoo will always attend fairs throughout Asia to source for talented suppliers, feel free to let us know if you’re going to attend one of these fairs. We’d love to hear from you!


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