Dezoo Blog is created by Dezoo, an exclusive B2B online marketplace tailor made for professionals of the furniture and home decor industry.

Our main office is right in the center of Hong Kong while we have teams in Mainland China and South-East Asia dedicated to sourcing for furniture and home decor suppliers of good taste. We also welcome talented designers who want to realize their projects and gain popularity on an international stage.

We are very keen on joining big exhibitions or trade fairs throughout Asia, where we can always find something fascinating. It’s also a starting point of our long supplier sourcing process, we usually go back to our office with a suitcase full of name cards and catalogs but we usually end up contacting a dozen of them.  After the selection, we contact these suppliers and set an appointment to meet them at their factory, where we can see their method of production and verify that they’re qualified to sell outside of their territory.

We’re a good source for understanding the Asian supplier market because we’re in constant proximity with each other, we express all our professional opinion right here in this blog, we hope you enjoy it!

For any question or inquiry, feel free to contact us at info@dezoo.com !