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Dezoo was at the DesignInspire Exhibition in Hong Kong

DesignInspire, an international exhibition about creativity, which took place across three days featuring Hong Kong as the global capital of design.

DesignInspire was Organized by the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council, the Expo is an inspiring platform for global creative elites, design brands, design associations and institutes to showcase their creativities.

With a fascinating theme of URBANOVATION, DesignInspire partners with pioneering brands that combine design and technology to explore how new design concepts and radical innovative solutions reshape urban life and build a more livable and happier city through three aspects: Urban Residence, Power-up Studio, and Idea Mart.


This year DesignInspire’s partner country is Italy, presenting the most design-driven innovation and how “Italy makes a difference”. As Mr. Curatolo, the art director of the Italian Pavilion of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2012, puts it:

“Italy is a unique place in which the combination of the human mind, natural landscape, and history has given origin to some of the most important pieces of art in history. But this cultural heritage doesn’t belong to the past. There’s an Italian sense of beauty that translates to design, production, and lifestyle even in the present.”

This message was very visibly conveyed through the designs showcased at the Italian pavilion, like the stunningly new vehicle designs of Ducati  XDIAVEL and Lamborghini.

The Italian pavilion didn’t only display big brands, but also a broad variety of items ranging from fashion to household products.

There were also many interesting items on display at the Swedish pavilion, featuring “The Human Trap” an interactive crocheted playground created by the one and only Evelina Kollberg. Ms. Kollberg describes it as “a place for one’s inner nature to come out and play”, it’s a design that embodies Swedish flair for uniqueness and perfection.

The human trap created by Evelina Kollberg | Dezoo

In the Swedish pavilion, we saw some fascinating pendant lights on display from NUD Collection. A Swedish brand specialized in creating simple and smart lamps. They allow customers to build and customize their own lamps by combining a textile cord with one of the collection’s beautiful NUD lamp holders and accessories.

Among the participants of the DesignInspre Exhibition, there were also local institutes and academies such as HKDI and PolyU Design Hong Kong promoting a new generation of designers.

A small space was provided for local designers from Hong Kong, the items on display were all very interesting, we would like to mention one of our lighting supplier: Nap Maker, a designer of fashionable and glamorous LED lamps.

Designer Light bulbs Nap Maker Designinpire Hong Kong | Dezoo

DesignInspire will be the occasion to meet disruptors in the design industry and find inspiration from artists from different countries and background.

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