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LeCong Furniture City: A must-go for Furniture Lovers!

For all you furniture aficionados out there, you would be thrilled to come to LeCong furniture markets in China. Although these markets were supposedly for local or overseas industry buyers, they are also of good entertainment for retail consumers, it’s  a good source for purchasing furniture that cost less than it would in your country. Among the vastness of stores, you can see a broad range of furniture and home decor, from big majestic wardrobes to chic and modern coffee tables.


One of the biggest, and probably the oldest, markets are in the LeCong furniture street in LeCong, Shunde. When we first visited LeCong furniture Market in 1999, the place was already huge. The “market” was actually a street, spanning over ten kilometers as the locals told us. Back then, the market was more focused on domestic Chinese market or overseas Chinese buyers from Hong Kong or other regions. Foreign buyers were still rare at the time.

Now the LeCong Market is even bigger, but more scattered around the town. The city of Shunde, after all, is still one of the major furniture making hubs in China, with an established supply chain from parts, fabrics, hardware, wood, plastic and so on. These years the city has seen a substantial number of furniture factories closing down or moving out, but this hasn’t changed the status of the LeCong market as one of the important sourcing places for overseas buyers, especially for Middle Eastern, African and East European markets.

The Street of Lecong Furniture market in Shunde Guangdong China | Dezoo

If professional buyers are planning to visit the mart for the first time, we would suggest them to bring along trustworthy industry partners. Most of the time these shops would tell you they are the direct factories which make the products on display. But as one knows, this might not always be the case. Even if you are able to get to have a factory tour, the factories you are visiting might not be the actual production plants for the lot you are about to buy. Even if it is the factory of actual production, if your contact person at the shop is not indeed from the factory, the monitoring of quality of your order would have certain risks.

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