Taizhou: The Mecca for Plastic Furniture?

Taizhou in Zhejiang Province is dubbed as the production hub for plastic ware in China, thanks largely to the automobile industry and the home appliance industry. When car makers like Geely was founded in Taizhou in 1980’s, the demand for plastic and metal car parts with precision and quality surged. It in turn expedited the growth of the mold-production sector in Taizhou, and helped secure Taizhou as one of the most important tooling manufacturing city in China even to this day.

With the expertise and experience in plastic tooling, Taizhou has also made its name in the global furniture industry, with several of the country’s biggest plastic furniture manufacturers situated in the city.

colorful plastic pellets for plastic chairs | Dezoo


Most of the plastic furniture made in Taizhou are chairs and tables made from PP, PE, PS, ABS and PVC out of a single injection mould, or parts of the assemble chairs or tables.

Over recent years there has been an uprising competition from Bazhou city in Hebei province for the export orders of plastic chairs and tables, with a low-price tactics. This has led some of the makers in Taizhou to shift their focus to original designs through hiring or working with international designers, instead of trying to compete in the already mature market of replica designer chairs. Also they would focus on the quality and details of the existing pieces.

Replica Ghost Chairs

I would suggest buying companies to perform a couple of more quality checks during the pre- and after-production process. An inspection of incoming plastic pellets and material tests of the whole furniture are definitely needed to make sure the chairs or tables, especially the polypropylene ones in darker colors, are not made from recycled plastic (which weakens the physical performance and even the material safety requirement of the chairs or tables for certain markets). For clear plastics including PS and ABS, buyers would have to check the country of origins and cross checking batch number of production of the plastic pellets with the brand — counterfeit of overseas brands could be quite rampant in certain areas. On top of “yellowing” of the clear plastics due to UV lights, chairs or tables made from the fake brands would also have possible mechanical performance issues.

If one is looking for factories with assured quality, I would suggest buyers to perform factory audits before placing orders, or going to certain trust-worthy B2B websites which would have such audits on their suppliers.



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