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Trends in Modern Chinese Furniture Style: getting ready for western markets.

Image of Home Design Week Shanghai with old Bicycle

During our visit to Maison Shanghai 2017, a magnificent trade show in close combination with Shanghai Home Design Week (SHDW), we had the pleasure of attending a very well curated exhibition focusing on Modern Chinese Furniture Styles at hall H4.

This inspiring exhibition was organized as a journey through the latest trends in the Modern Chinese Furniture, where the skillful Chinese designers were presenting their modern interpretation of a millennial design which from the past came to our time virtually uncontaminated in its simplicity, its noble craftsmanship, its rich materials and its purity.

Chinese Style is a very broad terminology, it certainly doesn’t have anything controversial about it, making it a very neutral design which anyone can interpret and incorporate in its own furniture pieces. While Modern Chinese Design is something harder to comprehend. The word “Modern” is defined by its contrast with the old and ancient, yet what do the words “Chinese Style” in furniture truly mean? It’s an answer difficult to be answered, yet we may probably define the “Chinese Style” as a living attitude that is characterized by “wisdom”, “leisure”, “comprehension” and “awareness”. When these pillars of Chinese Style and culture join and melt into the new visions of contemporary Chinese designers, a new approach to Chinese Furniture is created and brought to life.


New materials and technologies allow these modern designers to expand their offer of furniture which is definitely still inspired by the purity and linearity of their style’s heritage but is now gaining more traction towards the western markets.

Part of this nice exhibition was HOME PLUS, an onsite event displaying 10 fabulous spaces showcased by 12 Chinese top interior designers. These creative designers presented their own works to interpret exquisite modern living spaces, giving the audience a taste of the different sensibilities of China. HOME PLUS is always one of the eye-catching highlights and grabs great attention at previous editions as it focuses on the future trends.

After having visited this exhibition, we left hall H4 with a very pleasant, refreshing and peaceful feeling. In a way, this journey through hall H4 has been a kind of initiation to something that, if not completely new to our eyes of furniture lovers based here in Asia, still was a great discovery in terms of look and feel. We believe that Modern Chinese furniture is starting to become mature and interesting also for the western world and we expect to see soon an increase of sales of these curated designs towards the western countries.


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