So Where is Modern Concrete Furnishing Heading?

Concrete has been around for quite a long time in history, primarily as building and decorative materials, but especially in these recent years, it has gained a lot of traction as concrete is becoming a must-have material for modern home furniture or furnishings.

With the improvements in mixtures, materials and molding technology, concrete furniture is getting more sophisticated in shapes and contours. Unlike the usual bulky blocks or slabs of the old days, concrete tables and chairs are now much sleeker and smoother than ever before.

Even so, there are now more industry players in China trying to make a difference, especially in design and use of composite materials. They are attempting to get these concrete pieces into ordinary Chinese homes, for the usual lofts or galleries most people would have in mind.

As we’ve observed, the lighting sector in China appears to be the most aggressive, and when it comes to the use of concrete, China is probably the most successful. This past couple of years, there have been more and more Chinese local factories developing its SKUs with concrete fixture body. We would suggest professional buyers be prudent when choosing concrete lighting suppliers, as many of the factories are still at the so-called “trial-and-error” stage. Some of the concrete lamp shades produced by certain newcomers might just look as good, but in reality, the concrete materials are prone to have serious cracks when they are put to use!

Below are some products of one of our concrete lighting suppliers, they have acquired a deep knowledge in this field through years of experience.

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